Offices and Labs

Our offices and laboratory are collocated at our facility at 12100 Sunrise Valley Drive in Reston, VA. DEI offers an excellent infrastructure in which to work, including new offices, and an extensive technical library with over 40,000 publications. Reston is located in the Northern Virginia high-tech corridor and is convenient to both downtown Washington, D.C., and local airports. We are also close to Reston Town Center, a modern urban marketplace with an assortment of businesses, shops, restaurants and entertainment.


  • DEI maintains a fully equipped 11,000 square foot laboratory devoted to metallography, failure analysis, materials testing, chemical process design, chemical analysis, electronics prototyping, vibrations testing, and microscopy. Our facilities include a high-bay area to accommodate the final assembly and test of specialized equipment that we design. The laboratory also includes a machine shop which is available for prototyping of mechanical devices.

Analytical Lab

Our analytical laboratory offers extensive capability for the chemical and physical analysis and characterization of solid, liquid, and gaseous samples. Equipment and instruments in the analytical lab include:

  • High resolution SEM/EDS
  • Inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometer
  • BET surface area analyzer
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Ion exchange chromatography

Chemical Process and Corrosion Laboratory

Perhaps the most advanced and sophisticated of DEI's facilities is the chemical process and corrosion lab. It includes two state-of-the-art glass autoclave facilities capable of simulating corrosion, chemical cleaning, and decontamination processes for the nuclear industry and providing visual and data acquisition monitoring for the processes. These facilities have been used for essentially all independent testing of pressurized water reactor steam generator chemical cleaning processes throughout the world since 1997.

Equipment Prototype and Test Laboratory

The equipment prototype and test lab at DEI is a large, open high-bay area containing vibration test equipment, large and small water tanks for ultrasonic and chemical testing, mockups of nuclear equipment such as steam generators and fuel assemblies, as well as pumping, filtration, heating, and cooling equipment to support laboratory testing. The equipment setup in this lab is continuously changing to support our clients' needs. Work in the lab includes proof-of-concept and final qualification testing for new chemical and mechanical cleaning processes, testing to validate and fine-tune mathematical or mechanical models, detailed qualification testing of new equipment or processes, prototyping of new equipment or devices, and final assembly of DEI-designed equipment.

Metallography and Failure Analysis Laboratory

Our metallography lab is outfitted with a full range of equipment required for the destructive and non-destructive evaluation of components and samples, including sectioning and diamond saws, sample mounting equipment, automatic polishing systems, and digital optical microscopy.