• One of DEI's primary roles is working closely with clients to both identify technical problems and develop practical and cost-effective engineering solutions. We work primarily in mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering, and draw from our in-house expertise in a wide variety of specializations, including structural and seismic analysis, fluid dynamics, chemistry, heat and mass transfer, vibrations and acoustics, thermodynamics, physics, and finite element analysis. As the need arises, DEI will also integrate contributions from researchers in other fields to solve complex problems. We document our findings in comprehensive but clear reports and presentations tailored to meet the client's specific needs.

  • Client Interaction

    As appropriate, DEI staff routinely travel to customer sites during all phases of a project: to define the problem, to provide on-site support (e.g., during application of a DEI-designed chemical or mechanical process), and to ensure that the results are communicated clearly. We currently provide support to several countries, including the US, France, Korea, Spain, Japan, and Sweden.